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The following video footage is best downloaded with ADSL Broadband. There are large, and very large files. If you right click the mouse on each file name then click save as, you can download them directly to your PC, or simply click on them and windows media will start playing them soon after .Use either Windows media player or Divx to view them. If you have any video footage you would like included on the site please send it to me and I will cut it to disk from either tape or file. Please email me for further information.

Italia - Corse
3 - 8th October 2010

GOME Bastos
Video 2 Awards 2010

Roma-Italia 2008
Small clip 24meg
"right click and save target as"
Map Stage 34meg
"right click and save target as"
Mallory Park 2008
Jon Ison (8.5meg) right click, save target as
James Miles (20 meg)right click, save target as
Mark Worsfold (15 meg)right click, save target as
Rob Haworth (6 meg)right click, save target as
Richard & Marcus (3 meg)right click, save target as
Carver (4meg)right click, save target as
Espana-Santiago 2007
Marcus Roskill 2007
Video 1

Video 1

Vide0 2
Video 3

Video 3

Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Sardinia 2006
Video 3
Video 7
If you ever wondered what its like to be in a real WRC Rally car here's some incar footage from last year.
Video 8
To Follow
Video 9
Video 10
Mallory Park 1998
In memory of Guy Crofton
1998 Event (24meg)
2006 The Guild of Motor Endurance
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